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Geoscape Europe provides actionable business and geographic marketing intelligence via data, technology and analytical services to help multinationals access high-growth opportunities. Geoscape Europe BV is headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and is an affiliate of Geoscape in the U.S., based in Miami, FL.

"Just a number" says a Geoscape former employee on Glassdoor on August 1, 2020:

"Everything is going downhill fast.

Get it together... before its too late. Was an awesome place at one time, go back to old values. Show you actually care about everyone in the company as a family-like you claim."


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Laborer (Former Employee) says

"they are a disgusting misogynistic company, that will keep woman on racist crews that gets pays as labor being titled As technician The manager and project manager will tell you to leave the premises when you tell them you are being harassed by one of your coworkers with your supervisor translating that for you!as a woman you will have gender gap paymentThank you for providing your feedback. We’re normally known for our management team that is uplifting and encouraging, and a team that empowers women in a male dominated workforce. We regret that you did not feel this way. if you would like to discuss further please reach out to Human Resources at (905)887-1599."

Landscaper/Labourer (Former Employee) says

"There is some reward for working hard, dental benefit, enjoyable working environment. Long time for working, no any extra break time in hot weather even over 40 ℃. Long hours from Apr to Dec, 50h/week. Take lunch and go washroom in the wild. Just be careful there's one supervisor treats everyone like idoit, only few crews stay in his team.Long hoursDusty workplace"